Grand Wedding, Intimate Wedding, or Home Wedding, no wedding is complete without a Bride Entry that leaves people in awe! Despite all the hassles and stress in the wedding process, Bridal entry must be about the Bride only. One cannot steal away the charm, flare, and breathtaking bridal appearance from you. 

After picking the Pinterest-worthy venue and dreamy bridal Lehenga, walking into the wedding casually might be like an anticlimax. A transition from the Din Shagna Da entry is a must now. Nowadays, brides look for the cutest ways to ensure an impeccable bridal entrance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the queen of her wonderland and act like a superstar. 

9 Trending Bridal Entry Ideas in 2023

Solo Entry with Cold Pyros 

Illuminate the bridal entry with many sparklers or fireworks to leave everyone in awe. Sparkles add a touch of glamour to your overall fit and make space for your grand entry. Moreover, the picture comes out even more adorable. 

Let the Paws announce your Arrival 

You can’t live without your furry baby? Make them a part of your wedding and let them announce your wedding arrival. Dress up the paws in the most fascinating way and let him/her be your pet-scort.

Maharani feels on the Palki 

Every bride deserves to be treated like a queen. In earlier times, Palkis were used for Bridal departure but with the modern trends in place, Palkis are used for royal bridal entries.

Sassy Bride on Bike 

Vroom Vroom to the Mandap is the grand gesture of bridal arrival on your wedding day. Gone are the days of Sundar Susheel Bahu walking with her family. Few modern brides ride their way to the mandap.

Authentic Vintage Car 

Entry in a vintage car adds a tinge of magic to the arrival with some old-school love and dazzling beauty arriving from a car full of royalty and blossom.

Dance your way to the Mandap 

Dancing, confident brides give an immaculate joyous vibe to the entire event. It’s a statement of love! Pick your tunes and beats in advance to avoid goofing up at the penultimate moment. 

Din Shagna Da Style 

beautiful phoolon ki chaadar, a group of family and friends, iconic Bollywood music, and laughter makes a famous bride entry in India. Some brides prefer a traditional dupatta with Kaleeras, others prefer natural flower umbrellas, and remaining prefer fancy adornments with multi-hued flowers for the grand entry. 

Bridesmaids for Life 

Your lovely ladies can be the best companions for your ultimate walk. Amidst all the bridesmaids’ duties, an incredible bridal entry tops the list. Generally, bridesmaids are witnessed holding the lehenga or the chaadar.  


A remarkable token of gratitude towards your parents for all the love and affection they have showered upon you. Ditch every other plan and make it a memorable entry with your mommy and daddy by your side. 


Bridal Entries are about new ideas that can make the most precious event of your life memorable and fascinating. Innovate your bridal entry with some references from these bridal entries provided by Shopshaadi. Add your preferences and choices to these ideas to match them and meet your expectations. 

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